All You Need To Know About UNIMAID School Fees Schedule 2023

All courses at UNIMAID have school fees. This page contains more information about UNIMAID school fees for new students, University of Maiduguri school fees for returning students, UNIMAID school fees payment deadline, and other related information. This data was obtained from the official UNIMAID school fees portal.

So keep reading to find out about the University of Maiduguri school fees per semester as well as the UNIMAID school fees for all courses offered at the University of Maiduguri.

Have you ever wondered how much the University of Maiduguri charges for tuition? If that is the case, this article will detail the total cost of UNIMAID tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic year, including both freshmen and returning students.

This information is critical for all prospective and returning University of Maiduguri students. As a result, we advise you to take this information seriously, as it is provided solely for informational purposes.

Schedule of UNIMAID School Fees for 2023

If you want to study at the University of Maiduguri, you will want to know how much the University of Maiduguri school fees are. which is extremely important.


We are pleased to inform the general public, particularly new and returning students at the University of Maiduguri, that the school administration has released the UNIMAID school fee schedule for the current academic session.

We would like to inform all newly admitted students whose names appeared on the University of Maiduguri Admission List that the amount to be paid as school fees has been released by the school authority.

All new and returning students are advised to pay their tuition fees to the University of Maiduguri as soon as possible at any of the designated banks across the country. UNIMAID school fees should be paid via the school portal within the time frame specified by the school administration.

Late payment of UNIMAID school fees may result in additional charges, admission forfeiture, or inability to sit for a semester examination.

If you are already a student or have been offered admission, the current UNIMAID school fees schedule for freshmen and returning students for the 2023/2024 session is provided below.

UNIMAID School Fees 2023/2024 Session

Below is a breakdown of the University of Maiduguri school fees for new students and also that of returning students.

Accountancy / Accounting 33,000 18,000
Adult Education 33,000 18,000
Agricultural And Management Engineering 33,000 18,000
Agricultural Science and Education 33,000 18,000
Agriculture 33,000 18,000
Anatomy 33,000 18,000
Animal Science 33,000 18,000
Arabic Studies 33,000 18,000
Biochemistry 33,000 18,000
Botany 33,000 18,000
Business Administration 33,000 18,000
Business Education 33,000 18,000
Business Management 33,000 18,000
Chemical Engineering 33,000 18,000
Chemistry 33,000 18,000
Civil Engineering 33,000 18,000
Civil Law 33,000 18,000
Computer Engineering 33,000 18,000
Creative Arts 33,000 18,000
Dentistry And Dental Surgery 33,000 18,000
Economics 33,000 18,000
Economics / Geography / Physics 33,000 18,000
Education and English Language 33,000 18,000
Education and Geography / Physics 33,000 18,000
Education and Integrated Science 33,000 18,000
Education and Mathematics 33,000 18,000
Education and Science 33,000 18,000
Education Arts 33,000 18,000
Electrical / Electronic Engineering 33,000 18,000
English Language 33,000 18,000
Fisheries 33,000 18,000
Food Science and Technology 33,000 18,000
Forestry And WildLife 33,000 18,000
French 33,000 18,000
Fulfulde 33,000 18,000
Geography 33,000 18,000
Geology 33,000 18,000
Hausa 33,000 18,000
Health Education 33,000 18,000
History 33,000 18,000
Hospitality And Tourism Management 33,000 18,000
Information Resource Management 33,000 18,000
Islamic / Sharia Law 33,000 18,000
Islamic Studies 33,000 18,000
Kanuri 33,000 18,000
Library Science 33,000 18,000
Linguistics 33,000 18,000
Mass Communication 33,000 18,000
Mathematics 33,000 18,000
Mathematics / Statistics Education 33,000 18,000
Mechanical Engineering 33,000 18,000
Medical Laboratory Technology / Science 33,000 18,000