38 Best Art Courses Without Literature

Did you study art in high school, and now you’re trying to figure out what kind of art courses without Literature you can study in Nigeria if you don’t have a background in Literature? For some of you, reading English literature is a nightmare.

 However, are you aware that studying Literature in the English Language for your O-level or WAEC examinations is not a prerequisite for all art-related programs? To clarify, you do not need credit in Literature in the English Language to enroll in some of the more significant Art courses offered at institutions in Nigeria.

 A few of you have been sulking in your rooms for a while because you failed to earn a passing grade in English Literature, but I have some encouraging news. 

There are around 30 different courses that can be studied without receiving credit in the subject of Literature in the English Language. Yes!!! Although it is true, you might never know because you have never been within the university’s walls.

What Exactly Is Literature?

Before we dive into the details of best art courses without Literature, let us first discuss what Literature truly means. Literature allows us to record and make sense of our experiences individually and globally. A documented history of a cultural civilization can be found in written form. 

This history contains the ideas and perspectives of everyone who felt compelled to share them with the rest of the world. As a result, participating in Literature’s progress and self-realization, even though reading, is essential if one wants to be considered a genuine member of human society. 

However, the written word is of utmost importance since Literature could not possibly exist in the understandable form it does now without it. 

 Everyone who can put thoughts to paper should make the most of the fantastic chance to participate and make a difference in the world and society they live by writing. In a broader context, Literature represents a group of people working together to make sense of and the most of the life they have been given.

Literature provides a means by which our minds can be enriched. It also provides means by which the world can be improved, not just due to the aesthetic value of its presence but also to the ideas and tangible possibilities that Literature has.

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Importance Of Literature In The Society

 1. Knowledge Sharing

2.  Mode of Communication

3. Literature has the potential to provide amusement and pleasure.

4. Reading and analyzing Literature helps us imagine and shape a better world.

5. Literature fosters personal growth.

6. Our never-ending exposure to Literature fosters originality in our thinking.

7. Reading thrilling novels and tales brings us great joy.

Although exam cheating is expected in the Nigerian educational system, on senior school certificate examinations (SSCEs), the Literature in the English exam is notoriously difficult to pass due to the subject’s structure and complexity, leaving many students in tears when the results are released.

Please Note That This Article Is Written Specifically For; 

  • Readers who did not earn a passing grade in Literature on the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) exams
  • Individuals who didn’t major in Literature in high school or at the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) level
  • Those who were unable to obtain their literature results because they were withheld
  • Some art students despise Literature and are curious about their possibilities of getting into university.
  • People who read increase their knowledge and awareness.
  • Some of the Many Good Reasons Art Students Look for courses without Literature in English 

When it comes to knowing about the best art courses without Literature in English that may be studied at higher institutions in Nigeria, many Nigerian students are often curious about the subject.

While English Literature is crucial for any Art major, the specifics of the subject matter most. As a result, many Art students fret over their O-level outcome in the discipline. 

Well, I’m happy to tell you that is not the end because there are courses you can pursue as an Art Student at institutions where admission is relatively simple.

Art Courses Without Literature

During college, those interested in taking courses in the Art Department have produced a list of 30 options. Additionally, the university you will attend does not depend on your department from secondary school. 

You have the appropriate subject combination for the course you want to take. To clarify, I meant that an art student could access various course options, including business classes. Push your boundaries.

Having gained an understanding of Literature and its significance and contributions to society, let’s take a quick look at the best art courses without Literature in Nigeria.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic Language
  3. Arabic studies
  4. Archaeology
  5. Christian Religious Studies
  6. Comparative Religious Studies
  7. Creative and visual arts
  8. Economics
  9. Environmental Science
  10. Fine and Applied Arts
  11. Fulfulde
  12. Geography
  13. History
  14. Archaeology and History
  15. Diplomacy and history
  16. History and diplomatic studies
  17. History and International Relations
  18. History and international studies
  19. History and strategic studies
  20. International and Comparative Politics
  21. International Relations and Diplomacy
  22. International studies and diplomacy
  23. Islamic Studies
  24. Peace and conflict studies
  25. Philosophy
  26.  Philosophy and Religious Studies
  27. Political Science
  28.  Policy and administrative studies
  29. Psychology
  30. Public administration
  31. Religious study
  32. Sociology
  33. Social work
  34. Sociology and Anthropology
  35. Theology
  36. Tourism studies
  37. Visual and Applied Arts
  38. Yoruba and Communication Art 

Above is an all-inclusive catalog of Nigeria’s best art courses without Literature. The resources mentioned above are available to any interested art student.

Unless you visit a university in Nigeria, you won’t find out that there are Art-related majors that don’t require a background in Literature in the English Language.

Remember that the prerequisites for these courses can vary from one university to the next; therefore, we recommend doing additional research.

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English Literature is not the most challenging course load for an art student. It can be mastered with the right attitude and work ethic, even though Literature in English courses is an essential subject for every Art student.

 I encourage all Art students not to fret over their O-level outcome in the discipline.