Top 5 Things To Watch Out For In BFW Senior Year Episode 4

5 things to watch out for in Best Friends In The World Senior Year Episode 4(Spoiler Alert)


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Best friends in the world senior year took off about a month ago, the 4th of March 2022 precisely. A lot of shocking things have started happening like introduction of new characters like Evelyn and Gloria.


When will Best Friends In The World Senior Year Episode 4 be released?

Best Friends In The World Senior Year Episode 4 will be released on Friday April 15,2022.
A lot of people have been dropping speculations on things that will happen in the next episode, people are excited the enthusiasm is high..

Well below is the list of things to watch out for in Best Friends In The World Senior Year


(If you are yet to watch Best Friends in the world Senior Year Episode 4,please go to YouTube and watch it ASAP) Discard every rumor saying that Episode 4 is out

  1. Iris Azuka picking up a fight with Adam Andrews Towards the end of episode 3, something terrible is about to happen. The past is catching up with two head prefect contestants.Just like in real life politics, Olive and Iris gets a taste of Evelyn’s bite.Iris will get really pissed and pick up a fight with Adam and Adam will probably be confused cos Evelyn didn’t inform him about it.

2.Election campaign will get tougher

With the secrets getting revealed, the head prefect nominees/contestants will begin to see themselves as real life enemies. That doesn’t exclude Olive and Adam.. There’s a possibility that Romeo and Iris might fight too.

3.Test week

Test week! Test week! Test week!
The widely publicized test week finally comes and of course I believe we all saw this coming. Who do you think will come out on top during this test.
With the scandal that hit the school especially little Olive, there’s a possibility that this will affect her performance.

  1. School Cardigan Official Launch
    In the best friends in the world senior year episode 4 there’s a possibility that a lot of students will start rocking the school’s cardigan. Do you remember in best friends in the world senior year episode 1,Evelyn was the first person to rock the cardigan.

People like Adam, Iris and others will rock the cardigan.

  1. Adam realizing that Evelyn will rip their friendship apart
    After the fight with Iris, Adam will finally realize that Evelyn has done what he begged her not to do.. “no more exposes” Adam already reiterated that into Evelyn’s ear the night before.

There’s a possibility of Adam planning to step down or him having a dispute with Evelyn… Olive and Esther will then see Adam as a full blown traitor.

Other things to watch out for in Best Friends In The World Senior Year

  1. David and Evelyn hooking up
    A lot of people didn’t see this coming, but my gut tells me they will hook up… Either Best Friends in senior year episode 4 or 5

2.Olive getting 15th position in the test
Yeah we all already saw this.. In episode 3,Olive made mention of something while she was talking to her mom. She said “I want to get the highest score in ss3, that will be 6 times in a row, no one has done it before and probably no one will even after”

???? I feel really bad for what’s coming to hit our precious Olive

  1. Romeo asking Iris the big question We all know Iris has been showing affection for Romeo since several episodes ago. Do you remember the episode when Iris came to meet Romeo at the mall where he was working? ???? She thought Romeo wanted to kiss her ????

Well Romeo is going to officially ask her the big question “Iris, do you like me?”

  1. Possibility of Esther receiving breakfast Despite the fact that Archie’s sister and cousin hates Esther cos she’s a plus sized lady, there’s a possibility of their love to get even stronger. Archie will get a cake for Esther to either celebrate her birthday or… To show how much he loves her…
    But something terrible is still coming…. Archie doesn’t have the boldness to tell Esther the big secret. Will Esther survive after receiving the bomb shell?
  2. Olive and Adam becoming enemies
    Will the best friends in the world remain best friends in the world? Yes maybe by the end of the season.. But for the next couple of episodes. The trio will face the hardest trials ever in their young teenage lives.