Can I Get Jobs With National Diploma (ND/OND)?

Perhaps it’s already clear to you that you can get a job with Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE). However, you may be skeptical as a National Diploma holder about the possibility of getting jobs with your qualification.


I’d met with a few admission seekers who were worried about jobs. They might have been told it’s not possible to get jobs with OND. And if any, the job might not be rewarding. Another point of view is, ND holders seem “semi-baked” graduates, unlike HND holders. Hence, organizations will prefer HND holders and BSC holders over them

This post is meant to shed light on certain misconceptions about National Diploma (ND/OND) and using it to get jobs in Nigeria

What’s an (Ordinary) National Diploma (ND/OND)?

This is an award given to graduates from polytechnics and colleges (of technology or agric) after completing their (first) 2-year (full-time or daily part-time) or 3-year (regular part-time) academics at the institutions. The award is a fulfillment of academic and practical learning that may enable the holder to secure jobs or proceed with his education. Read more at Bsc, HND, OND, NCE, A’level: What are the Differences?

The Main Purposes National Diploma (ND) Serves

If you take note of the explanation above, there are two purposes ND can serve after acquiring it.


  1. You can further your education with it
  2. You can secure jobs with it


In brief, to further your education with ND, you can obtain an HND form where you will spend another 2 years (on the full-time course) or 3 years (on regular part-time). You can also obtain the JAMB Direct Entry form through which you can secure a 200-level admission into any university of your choice. Through this, you will spend another 3 or 4 years depending on the duration of the course offered.

As to the purpose of this piece, a National Diploma (ND) holder can secure jobs with his or her qualification.

Generally, organizations – be it government-owned or private have provisions and positions opened to holders of National Diploma (ND) just like they do have for NCE, HND, and BSC holders