How To Check Jamb Profile Code Via Sms, Jamb Profile and Email 2021

 How To Check Jamb Profile Code Via Sms, Jamb Profile and Email 2021

How can I recover lost jamb profile code

If you forgot your jamb profile code, this post is specifically created for you. So keep calm and read through this article. 

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how to check my jamb profile code

To check Jamb profile code, there are 3 main methods 

jamb profile code

jamb profile code number

Jamb profile code or Jamb profile code number is a specific number or code sent to everyone who register for the UTME exams 


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how to recover jamb profile code

To recover Jamb password ehn… Its something really easy 

how to get jamb profile code

You get the Jamb profile code immediately you register for Jamb 

If you’re just registering JAMB UTME or DE for the first time, you need to get your profile/confirmation code for the first time. 

Hence, you should read this post, “JAMB UTME/DE Form is Out. How to Register Step By Step” or “JAMB UTME/DE: Answers to the Questions Bothering Admission Seekers”.

If you’re here to get your password to the JAMB portal or profile password, use this guide instead.

This post is meant for those who had completed their JAMB registrations but need their profile codes later. 

I have received lots of questions – all surrounding how to recover a lost JAMB profile code. This is because CBT centres or JAMB offices are asking for these codes in order to access candidates’ portal to upload their O’level results – especially those who had earlier used awaiting results.

What is certain is that CBT centres may need it before helping you do anything in your JAMB account.

If you had registered for JAMB in the recent years and now you need to get your lost profile code back, then continue to read this post to the end.

What’s a JAMB Profile Code?

Now I gave a little explanation of what Jamb Profile code is before.. Now I’ll be explaining better here… 

It is a one-time number that will be sent to you when you begin your UTME?DE registration.

Remember when you wanted to buy your JAMB form/PIN, you would send your full names to 55019 as SMS. Then a message was delivered to your phone with a set of numbers. The number was a ten-digit code e.g. 49251**931.

That’s your profile code.

How to update your profile code for 2020/2021 jamb


Maybe you wrote jamb last year or probably you made a mistake on your names while sending it as SMS to 55019 then there is an option to rectify any mistake you might have made.

  • Make sure you have at least 100 naira credit.
  • Make use of your mobile number ( not that of friends)
  • Send Surname firstname Middlename to 55019.
  • A fee will be deducted from your mobile number.
  • You will receive your pin

How Can I Recover/Retrieve Lost Jamb Profile Code 

Some candidates have lost their phones together with this SMS. Some had mistakenly deleted the code/SMS off their phones.

check jamb profile code

So how will you solve this problem?

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I said it before, there are 3 main methods to recover lost jamb profile code 

Retrieve lost jamb profile code via sms 

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Send a text message, “RESEND” to “55019” on the same line you used to get the message the first time.

If you’d lost your SIM/line, you will need to do WELCOME BACK for the SIM. This is the only way out if you must get it back using this method. Then, send the SMS after your line is ready.

Make sure you have at least 100 naira on your Sim card to perform this operation.

Jamb profile code 

Surname FirstName MiddleName as SMS from your phone number to 55019.

Tips : make sure your names are separated with just a single space

E.g John blessing seun

Then wait for like 2 minutes to receive your Jamb profile code

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Recover lost jamb profile code on Jamb profile 

This is easier and cost-free.

Visit JAMB e-facility portal

Log in to your candidate’s profile with your JAMB profile email and its password 

This will take you to your Dashboard. Here you will see at the top “Hello! Welcome Back, Joel Joe Joe… Registration Profile Code: 49251**931

See where the code is on this JAMB account

That’s it.

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Recover/Retrieve Jamb Password Via Email 

Just recently, JAMB has made it possible for you to get your profile code sent to your email while you’re creating your profile.

In order to check for your profile code in the email:

Log in to your email you used while creating the profile or used for your JAMB registration

Locate the message sent to you that very day.

If you’d already got a lot of messages that, it becomes difficult for you to see the JAMB’s ones, use the search box inside your email dashboard. Type in “JAMB” and hit the enter key (search). This will return only a few messages you got from JAMB or that has to do with JAMB. Then, check for the right one. 

what is jamb profile confirmation code 2020/2021

Jamb confirmation code

First we will love to define or explain what a jamb profile code is and why you need one now.

A jamb profile code is a unique number that jamb assigned to each candidate that want to register for jamb.

With out the jamb profile code you won’t be able to register or even buy the jamb E facility pin at the bank or at any accredited dealers nationwide.

Another thing is, on the slip… 

I mean the slip you collect after successfully making payment for the Jamb form your “Jamb Profile code” is there 

In conclusion, I hope this post did guide you on how to get your Jamb Profile code successfully