Discover Simple Ways To Write Unique, Quality and Evergreen Articles

I have a mentor on blogging. He has a dozen of micro-niche blogs.

I couldn’t understand how possible it was, for a person to run 12 blogs on different topics and still be able to write well for each.

One day, my mentor told me his dirty secret. “Not all the blogs were doing well”.

That’s it!

In fact, he told me he was making more than half of his money from just one of the 12 blogs.

Do you get that?

What he never told me was why. But I knew it.

He wrote well about what he was more interested in.

Here comes your own question – what’s your own area of interest?

In my experience as a content writer, some people will only do well and make it in blogging if they just pick some areas of interest and stick to them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean areas of passion. Passion can be cool but at least interest is a perfect starting point.

Let me explain.

If you have interest in something:

  • you don’t need to know everything about it – to start with. You will wish to know more about it.
  • you don’t have to be able to tell somebody about it yet. But with time, you can share what you’ve learned.
  • you don’t have to experience everything, you should be willing to do further studies and research.

That’s the power of interest.

In fact, interest may be more powerful than passion. Someone with passion might be limited to what he has already known and could do. A man with interest has time to continually learn and apply his knowledge.

No Better Basis for Blogging than Interest and Knowledge

This may sound too easy though. But I’m saying this because that’s what I and my students use. And it works well for everybody.

Interest in a topic or niche can give you thousands of topics to write about. It gets you going when it appears bleak. It hits you on the toes when you hear about your area of choice.

If it works for me, it will, of course, work for you.

However, I’ve learned with time that the method of presenting your information is the technique most people are looking for.

When you hear “give me tips, tricks, and cheats to writing a great blog post”, they mean, teach me how to write well for my readers.

In order to present your points in a unique, friendly, and attaching way, follow my 8-point Perfect Blog Post Tips as detailed below.

8-Point Perfect Blog Post Tips

  1. Write about what people are looking for
  2. Make your titles catchy and real
  3. Summarize your topics in the introductions
  4. Go conversational or instructional
  5. Use headings to separate post parts
  6. Use simple sentences and short paragraphs
  7. Include compelling conclusions in posts
  8. Engage your readers

Let’s dive into these a bit.

1. Write About What People are Looking for

I see this part as trying to start a business. You may love a business idea but prospective buyers may not want what you have to sell. In this case, you’re out of business before you even start.

My wife owns a small pharmaceutical shop. She sells at both wholesale and retail prices.

As time went by, she wanted to add an extension where she could sell bottled water in bulk. As soon as she told me about it, the first question I asked was, “were your customers asking for that?”

What followed was a story of how the bottled water sales rep marketed to her and the profit margin. But she didn’t have the answer to my question; “Are your customers asking for bottled water?”.

Needless to say, she quit the ambition because of my conviction. She had to wait until people demanded it before placing the first order.See, the first power you will have in blogging is to write strictly on what people are searching for online. No matter how good you are at writing the topic, once your posts are off the searches, you’ll be the only one ever to read them.