Exclusive Interview With The FUOYE Student Running For Nigeria’s Presidency in 2023


       From all indications, Nigeria is expected to hold its Presidential elections in February of 2023. However, the next election is expected to bring an end to the eight – year tenure  of  President Muhammadu Buhari, as prescribed by the constitution. 


     Many Nigerians are willing to know  the next person to take up the mantle of the  Nigerian leadership. As to be expected, succession battles, political tussles and other polical processes have begun. 

Many prominent Nigerian politicians have made their declaration of interests. With recent developments, we gathered that the following politicians have declared their bids to contest for the office of  Nigeria’s president: Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s current national leader and the former governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007., Yahaya Bello, a 46-year-old Kogi State governor and Nigeria’s youngest governor



Orji Uzor Kalu, the current chief whip for the Senate House of Nigeria., Dele Momodu,  the chief executive officer of Ovation Magazine.  Khadija Okunnu-Lamidi,  the first and only female presidential aspirant for the 2023 general elections so far. Rochas Okorocha, the former governor of Imo State, amongst others.

  In a related development, just like other presidential aspirants, OLADEJI PELUMI PETER,  a 200 level student of Federal University Oye- Ekiti had also declared his bid to jostle for the office of Nigeria’s president.


However, his declaration sparked reactions by different online users. It is in this development that UNDERGRAGRA NIGERIA spent some quality time to interact with the young presidential aspirant. 

In this piece, the young presidential candidate who is also a student of Federal University Oye – Ekiti, interacted with Oluwabori Peter, a correspondent of UNDERGRAGRA NIGERIA on aspirations and goals towards his presidential quest. 

OP:.  Hello, this is Oluwabori Peter, a team member of Undergragra Nigeria. Could you please introduce yourself ?

Oladeji Peter: Good morning, My name is PETER OLUWAPELUMI OLADEJI, a 200lvl Student of the department of Biochemistry, Federal University Oye-Ekiti and  also the National Convener “Get involved Naija” movement.

I have an aspiration to be/become the President Of Nigeria.

OP: Since when have you been keeping this vision of becoming the Nigeria’s president ?

Oladeji Peter: During my Secondary School days, I’ve so long developed dissatisfaction in the way our Country is been governed and rule. I’ve always hoped that one day I’ll become the President and rebuild a new Nigeria, the Nigeria of our dream.

OP: Why are you vying for the post of the Nigeria’s  president, even as a 200 level university student. Why not other lesser posts ?

Oladeji Peter: Thank you very much.

Ab-initio, my intentions is not contest for Presidency now, However, I feel that there’s a need to start creating awareness, Start mapping out plans right from now.

The Presidential seat of our dear country isn’t a child play, and not for the weak. The current President of Nigeria Muhammad Buhari contested more than 3 times before eventually emerged. I’m optimistic that if I also start creating awareness now, it’ll give me higher chances in the future.

OP:  We have the likes of Omoyele Sowore, Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotaye, amongst others, who have also been creating awareness before this time.

What are your chances ?

Are they motivating you in any way ?

Oladeji Peter: That’s one of the major reasons why I also decided to start mine as early as possible, I’m a member of APC, and that’ll even make it more tougher for me.

But, I have a laid down plan, I’m just 20yrs Old, I still have like 20yrs more to work and gather enough influence to contest by then, I’ll be declaring my support for the winner of APC Primary election, and then further submit myself under his mentorship to learn more. In coming years I’ll start contesting for State House of assembly, House of rep, local Govt Chairman to get me more prepared and to gather enough and required experience to lead our dear country to it’s targeted Eldorado.

OP: You mentioned just now that you’re a member of the ruling All Progressive Congress.  Very soon,  campaign would reach its apogee.

 With the current inconsistencies, being faced by Nigerians in terms of Fuel scarcity, Asuu strike, Insecurity amongst other national issues. Can you be affirmative that your party would come out victorious in the upcoming election ?

Oladeji Peter: Yeah sure, APC remains the strongest and best Political Party in Nigeria. We’ll be winning big.

OP:  Also, from your claim above, one could conclude that at least you’re still having like 15 years to join the presidential bid. This is in line with the recommendations of the “not too young to run bill” signed in 2018. What are your parents’ view towards your quest ?

Oladeji Peter:  Yes, the minimum Age to contest for Presidency is 35 years.

 I haven’t informed them yet of my intentions, I want to be a surprise to them.

OP: What are your core agendas ?

Oladeji Peter:  1. Building a Nation that’ll give more chances to YOUTH and WOMEN in the political and Governing system.

2. Improving the standard of Our Healthcare facilities, it’s high time we stop traveling abroad for medical treatment we can also improve ours too

3. Reviving and Rebuilding our Educational System

4. Creation of job employment opportunities.

5. Fighting insurgency and insecurity to the Zero point 

6. Fighting off ELECTORAL malpractice to a zero point etc. .


Building a new Nigeria of our dream, a country we all will be proud of to call our father land.

OP:  How would you encourage other youths like you to participate in active politics ?

OP: Lastly, your closing remark.

Oladeji Peter:  The truth remains that our system doesn’t encourage active participation of youths in Politics and governance, the unwillingness and unpreparedness of the youths to get involved in active politics had further worsened the situation. 

Let us agree that truly our Political system isn’t encouraging, does this means we have to keep watching as things deteriorate?  The best approach is for us to join those running the system and then make our impact and influence the count in a way that we are able to normalize the system.

Being a youth is not an entitlement, even the older generation were once youths too. It’s high time we all get involved not by everyone running for offices but we should all participate in the electoral process that elects our leaders.

 TOGETHER, we can choose a NEW path.

TOGETHER, we can set BOLD agendas.

TOGETHER, we can BUILD a transparent and competent leadership structure.

TOGETHER, we can drive POLITICAL APATHY to a zero point.

TOGETHER, we can BUILD a Greater and Better NIGERIA.

OP: Thanks for your time, Mr. Oladeji Peter.

     One could recall that Oladeji made the declaration of interest to contest in the 2023 general election on the 9th of March, 2022.