Friends In Love Episode 10

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 10
*continued from last episode*
‘What are you looking at’ Dele asked then he noticed a bag at the door front of their house.
‘What is that?’
‘I dunno’ Dave replied scared
. What is that?
Who put it there?
Dele and Dave were confused and scared. Dele being a sharp guy went to the front of the door and picked up the nylon he saw. What he saw suprised him!
‘Dave con see something!’
‘what’ Dave asked as he moved closer to his friend still scared
Dele opened the door and motioned his friend to come in.
‘Samsung S9!’ Dave exclaimed
‘How come?’ Dave asked rhetorically
‘who could this be?’
‘this is too expensive!’
Those were the thoughts running through Dave’s mind.
He was so scared but his friend was oblivious to his surrounding he was already testing the camera.
‘O boy! The camera sharp die!’ Dele said as he came close to show Dave a pic he just shot.
‘Guy it’s obviously that your uncle wey just come naija na’ Dele said trying to calm his friend down.
‘na true talk’Dave said smiling a little
‘When you go out there, you will see the world.You must be smart and ready to take risks. To be an ace artist who will be loved…..’
‘Your phone is ringing’ a lady sitting next to Dave said.
‘thanks’ Dave said
‘You are welcome ‘ she said and winked
Then he brought out his S9 and checked. Unknown number again!
God answered his prayers, Mrs Fowowe dismissed the lecture.
‘ and I was just enjoying the class o!’
‘Too bad, you can go to her for private lessons na’ Dave said smiling
‘You are not serious, I’m Sarah’ she said smiling broadly.
‘I’m Dave’
‘Where are you heading to?’ Sarah asked.
‘I’ll be staying school for sometime’
‘Alright see you tomorrow’ She said and left.
‘Thank God!’ Dave sighed
He dialled the unknown number again and it was picked immediately.
‘Who is this please’
‘So you didn’t save my number abi’
‘Julliet right?’ Dave asked smiling a little
‘So when can we meet now?’ she asked
‘I don’t know’ Dave said frowning this time around
‘Where are you now?’
‘I’m in my department now’
‘I came to see a friend there, I’ll be coming now!’
Dave hung up immediately.

Why is this babe disturbing me na?
Dave sat down for some minutes, he was about to walk out when he saw her from afar off. He froze to a spot andf felt that electric kind of shock.
She came closer and said ‘Hi’
For the first time in his life he tried to talk but he couldn’t…….
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