Friends In Love Episode 18

Friends in love episode 18


**continued from last episode **

She placed the box on Dave’s lap and opened a box full of Dollars.

‘You can get all this, only if you dump that bitch for my daughter


“You’re kidding me right?” 

“Oh c’mon darling, is this a joke to you?” 

“Bullshit, first you abduct me and now this…” 

“Let’s leave this place” Jummy’s mom said 

“Dave, you know what I can do o” Jummy said close to tears as je

The house became so silent in even after several minutes after Jummy and her mother had left 

The only noise that could be heard was the song of the mosquitoes as their found their way into Dave and Dotun’s room

Dotun decided to break the silence 

“Dude, I think you should collect this cash” 

“Abegii, Life is not all about money” Dave said as he walked towards the door and closed it. 

“Aje, you don mad” 

“You sef madt” Dave replied in anger 

“Is your brain paining you?” 

“At your age you still live in this shit hole, two rich ladies are here to make your life better and you are just….” 

“I am just what?” 

“Make I no just talk..” 

That night didn’t end so well.. 


The next day came so fast and it was time for Dave to meet Julie’s dad!! 


He pressed his clothe and put on his one and only suit, he had a clean shave, polished his shoes and sprayed perfume on his body.. 

“Now we are good to go” Dave said to himself 

At least, for a while he could stay away from that asshole

He called Julie and in few mins Julie came to give him a ride to her home.. 

Julie’s home was bigger than Dave envisaged, it is located at Bodija Estate.. 

Words can’t fully explain how beautiful the house looks.. Was it the magnificent gate or the properly outlined interlocking or the mind blowing edifice. 

“Welcome to my house” Julie said as she got down from the car. 

Dave thought he had seen it all until he entered the sitting room or should I say one of the sitting rooms? 

“This place looks like heaven” Dave said quietly 

“I heard that” Julie said smiling 

At this point, Dave started thinking… 

What if Dotun was right? 

This is my chance! 

Julie went up stairs to call her dad and few mins later he came down the stairs with Julie.. 

A.. Umm should I saw an old man who looks kind of too young for his age came down with Julie.. 

Fact is, Dave thought that was her elder brother or something. 

“Dave! Meet my Dad” 

“Your!! Dad?” Dave asked almost shouting 

“So you are the guy my daughter talks about all the time” Julie’s dad said gently 

That was when Dave’s brain clicked 

“Good afternoon sir” Dave said as he prostated

Julie’s dad excused himself and he came out with a box

The conversation was going on really well and Dave felt free and Juliet was happy.

He sat on a three seater and said “Julie why not go cook something for your guest?”


“Our guest”

She walked out and He walked close to Dave and dropped a box directly in front of Dave.

He opened the box of money and the money almost made Dave’s eyes pop out.

“I’m giving you all this, if you can leave my daughter alone!!”



What are you gon do if you were in his shoes?

Watch out for episode 19

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