Friends in Love Episode 20

Friends in love

Written by Ace


Episode 20

***continued from last episode****

She knocked on his door and he warmly welcomed her

“How may I help you?”

“I have a big problem, I need you to kill someone!”





Every journey begins one day whether you start with a big stride or steadily it will definitely come to an end one day.

Dave and his best pal have been friends for quite sometime but looks like there’s been a rift between them…..

Why now?

When they were about to write their final papers….

The air smelt of war, Dave and Dele at war! Juliet and Jummy at war! The Lush Girls has been disbanded.

Nothing could be worse than this.


The sound of the screeching tyres filled the air, who was after who?

She jumped out of the car and shook in fright!

She got out of the car only to see……..\


“Hi Julie”

“What’s going on here?” Juliet asked with fear in her voice as she looked into his extremely cold eyes.

She smelt death in the silent street, no Daddy to save her.

He slowly brought out a gun form his left pocket and a knife from his right.

He smiled and said “Choose one”

“I thought you loved me?”

“Are you sick?”…..He asked angrily …

“Telling me this bullshit now after all these years Julie!”

She went on her kneels and began to plead

“Your friend has already paid for your life “ He said sadly

“ You mean Jummy!”

“I think so” he said chuckling

“I love you Desmond. Have just been pretending” she said looking into his eyes

“Why tell me this now? “

“Julie, why now?” he asked almost in tears now



“Run away and make sure Jummy never sees you again”

“how far”


 Dave and Dele wrote their last papers but still they haven’t ended the little rift between them.

So Dave decided to take a bold step….

What did he do?


.watch out for episode 21

Friends in Love