Guy Travels To Meet His Babe and Found Her Pregnant|ASUU BREAKFAST STORIES

Guy Travels To Meet His Babe and Found Her Pregnant | ASUU BREAKFAST STORIES

I am an Undergraduate in the University. My name and institution will be kept anonymous. But I’ll like to tell my story of how my relationship got ruined due to the ongoing ASUU Strike


Okay so it happened when we resumed second semester yeah, my cousin a 300 level student called one of his girls to come over to our hostel, so she came with her friend while I was away.

When I came back from class I saw her and we exchanged pleasantries yeah, so along the line in my room we talked and I told her she was very attractive to me and I didn’t go further cos I was shy kinda so later in the day when she and her friend were leaving she asked for my contact which I gave to her, so throughout the night we talked and she expressed her feelings then I said no problem, so along the lines yea it was great then we went on strike, we were both around before she decided she’s going home so I’ve no choice since I don’t have anything to do in school as well so we both went home.


She stays at Ado Ekiti and I was going to Ondo so after she started giving me some dirty attitude which I was like babe let’s meet so I went to Ado to see her then I noticed she was ill and she was requesting for sex which was one of the reasons I went to see her after 2 months of the strike yeah, then we had sex buh me I used protection as always which we had fights before she agreed to.

So three days while I was in ado with my aunt, her illness got worst, then I started seeing some changes in her so I told her let’s go somewhere which she agreed so I took her to see my aunt which she’s also a nurse so she told me to see her in the room and told me she was pregnant ???? bro I was shocked to death cos I was thinking if it was mine buh she said I should not react to it yet before she challenged her, so after we went back to where she was sitting, the look on my face was not welcoming cos I was sad then my aunt told her straight that this is not malaria that she was pregnant ????????

She told me it was mine at first and I legit thought it was mine, then later she told my aunt while I was inside and down casted, later on my aunt told me ????


If not for my Aunt, she would have pinned that pregnancy on me. Cos my Aunt kind of threatened her.

So the relationship crumbled and I did not bother texting or calling her if she was okay and all, I left ado and went back to Ondo

And ever since then bro I’ve been all alone, to follow girls talk most times ehn e dey do me somehow ???? maybe later on sha buh for now no relationship ❌????

Relationship nah later things

Relationship nah later things

It’s heartbreaking.

They say all men are scum? But who is at fault here?

The guy or the girl?

Any advice or words of encouragement for him?

Which is more heart breaking? Thinking that pregnancy was his? Or realizing that his babe actually cheated?

ASUU Strike has really crushed so many relationships.

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