How to Pass the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Exam

How to Pass the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Exam


Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is one of the most usually-chased universities in Nigeria. The university is well sought after because it’s a military university, for one reason. For another, it’s still a tuition-free federal-owned university in Nigeria.

Whether for the beauty of it or for financial reasons, you don’t just gain admission into NDA without facing some challenges. Well-known obstacles may include passing JAMB (as that will equally be required), allegedly having the right connection and passing the entrance exams.


In this post, I will be showing you what it takes to pass the entrance exam and consequently gain admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). This guide will be different from the generic guide given in my post “How to Gain Admission into NDA”.

1. Passing NDA Exams Starts With JAMB
In case, you don’t know, JAMB UTME is a major requirement for NDA admission just like the SSCE. You won’t be asking “how to study for and pass the NDA entrance exams” if you fail out at the UTME stage.


As of the time of this writing, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) demands 180 or above for candidates seeking admission for Art courses and 210 or above for those seeking science courses. Apparently, these cut-off marks are not likely to change in the nearest future.


Even though all aspirants will fill out the application form to start the admission process, very many will be dropped and won’t be invited for the university’s entrance exam if they score any less than that depending on the proposed courses.


So I have to warn you here. It won’t matter how much you love the Academy or whether you’ve registered on its portal, as instructed, if you don’t have the right JAMB score, you just have to wave bye to your dream this year or probably forever.


To avoid throwing in the towel at this stage, you need to study smart for JAMB and win big in the compulsory exam. Hence, you will find the following resources as best friends on your way to scoring higher in UTME.


2. Study NDA Past Questions (Compendium)
If you should cross the hurdle of JAMB, NDA is equally waiting for you in its exams. This is why you should be ready to face what is to come – preparing with the past questions of the Academy.


Luckily for you, the NDA has officially compiled its past questions and answers in a book called the compendium. You can study these for your concerned subjects. Covering them should give you some confidence over aspirants who are just generic about their reading.


However, to have the paper copy of the NDA compendium, you may have to visit the NDA Headquarters in Kaduna or the Headquarters of Zenith banks around you.

NDA headquarters is where you can get its past questions and answers (compendium).