Is UNILORIN open to second-choice candidates?

Is UNILORIN open to second-choice candidates? Does the University of Ilorin accept JAMB second choices? Will UNILORIN admit me if I make them my second choice institution during JAMB registration?

These are the most frequently asked questions by JAMB candidates who want to choose UNILORIN as their second choice institution.

They want to know if UNILORIN accepts second choices in JAMB so they don’t waste their second choice slot during JAMB registration by selecting UNILORIN as their second choice institution.

These questions will be answered at the end of this article to clear up any confusion. So keep reading to find out what the answer is.

Is UNILORIN willing to accept a second choice?
Do you want to be one of those candidates?


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Is UNILORIN open to second-choice candidates?
Let us now answer that question so you will know if the University of Ilorin will admit you if you make it your second choice during JAMB registration.

Is UNILORIN open to second choices? No, it does not. Admission to UNILORIN is not granted to second-choice candidates. Candidates who choose UNILORIN as their second choice institution are not admitted to the University of Ilorin.


Admission to the school is limited to students who selected it as their first choice during JAMB registration.

Candidates are therefore advised not to squander their second choice slot by selecting the University of Ilorin as their second choice institution, as they will not be considered for admission regardless of their JAMB score.

If you have already chosen the institution as your second choice, you must submit a JAMB change of institution form.

This form will allow you to make UNILORIN your first choice institution or to change your mind.