What’s the meaning of admission in progress on JAMB CAPS 2022

 What’s the meaning of admission in progress on Jamb Caps 2022/2023 

Meaning of admission in progress

What’s the meaning of admission in progress? 

I see questions like this over and over again, well I’ve specifically made this post just for you. 

Does admission in progress guarantee admission?

Big question, admission progress can guarantee admission and at the same time, it doesn’t guarantee admission. 

But you have a high chance of getting admitted as soon as your jamb caps status shows admission in progress. 

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Now that all is set for this year admission exercise, you need to know that JAMB is now in charge of giving you admission. JAMB will use the system called CAPS to give you admission.


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Let’s talk about JAMB CAPS “Admission in Progress”

This means JAMB has received your name for admission but they will need to verify some criteria followed by the institution to ascertain their conformity with lay down rules.

Rejoice cos, this is the beginning of your journey to being admitted.

 I can guarantee if you have this status message, you’ll be offered admission at the end.

What to do next after seeing admission in progress on jamb caps? 

Wait for JAMB to complete her work. Keep checking your status from time to time and sooner the message will change to the next stage.

Can your jamb caps be Admission in progress and still not admitted by the school? 

Oh Yes! Very possible, your school might be slow with the uploading of names.. 

So all you need to do is relax and wait for your school to update their portal. 


Is it Jamb that gives admission or school 

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Can Admission in Progress Change to Not Admitted?

Yes oo! 

Its something I hate to admit but it is the fact, I’ve seen several cases like this, most times people tend to say its the work of the terrestrial powers.. Lol

Do you want to know why admission in progress changes back to not admitted? 

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Will Admission in Progress Change to Admitted and How Soon?

Admission in progress 

Congratulations if you have seen admission in progress on your jamb caps, I remember back then in 2018, as soon as I opened my Jamb caps that Saturday evening and I saw admission in progress. 

I jumped up for Joy, cos I knew I was definitely getting admitted. 

The next morning my admission was already on school portal and on Jamb Caps. 

But for most people it takes about 2 weeks for admission in progress to change 

For some people, over a month.. Look, the moment you see admission in progress, please don’t panic. Relax 

In conclusion, admission in progress basically is a green light that you will be admitted soon. 

I wish you all the best… 

Feel free to ask me any questions bothering you using the comment box. 

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