NOUN Admission To 300 Level: How True Is It?

National Open University (NOUN) has become acceptable to many admission seekers especially if you’ll be chasing admissions through direct entry (DE) admission (i.e. admission into the 200 or 300 level).

This doesn’t mean that NOUN admission seekers don’t chase the 100-level admissions. They do even more! Yet, the direct entry pursuit is common among those who already have BSC, HND, NCE, ND, or similar diplomas. The direct-entry applicants for NOUN won’t need to obtain the JAMB DE form like those who are chasing other conventional universities though.


It has been observed that applicants always like to shorten their time (years of studies) at the university. Hence, they’re asking if they can be admitted into the 300 level instead of the usual 200 level.


Yes, you read that right.


Normally, most universities (whether conventional or distance learning) admit direct entry applicants into the 200 level of their proposed courses except for a few that will consider, on certain terms, into the 300 level.


Is National Open University one of such universities accepting DE applicants into the 300 level?

NOUN Does Admit To 300 Level Of Certain Courses

The National Open Universities, among others, do admit direct entry students into the 300 level. Provided you have the requirement (level, grade and course), you should secure admission into the 300-level of your proposed programme.

You can be admitted into the 300-level of any of the courses below, with the right requirements.


  1. Agricultural Economics And Agro-Business
  2. Agricultural Extension And Rural Development
  3. Animal Science
  4. Crop Science
  5. Soil And Land Resources Management
  6. Environmental Health Science
  7. Public Health
  8. Accounting Banking And Finance
  9. Business Administration
  10. Entrepreneurship
  11. Public Administration
  12. Biology
  13. Chemistry
  14. Computer Science
  15. Information Technology
  16. Mathematics
  17. Physics
  18. Criminology And Security Studies
  19. Development Studies
  20. Economics
  21. Mass Communication
  22. Peace Studies And Conflict Resolution
  23. Political Science
  24. Tourism Studies


So, what are the requirements if National Open University will offer you 300-level admission?

NOUN Will Admit HND and BSC Holders Into 300 Level

Even for any other universities giving such an opportunity, the National Open University will only admit you for selected courses if you’re applying using the Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor’s Degree (BSC).

Among other requirements for direct entry application are National Certificate in Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), IJMB, JUPEB and similar diplomas. However, these qualifications are ONLY considered for the 200 level instead.



The 300 Level Direct Entry Admission is Not For All Courses



Checking the official application portal of the National Open University, it’s clear that even though the university is accepting HND/BSC into the 300 level, this is not open to all courses available at the university.


  1. In the Faculty of Agriculture, for instance, all the available courses are open to candidates seeking 100, 200 and 300-level entry. The courses include Agricultural Economics and Agro Business, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Animal Science, Crop Science, and Soil and Land Resources Management.
  2. The Faculty of Art on the other hand are limited to 100 and 200-level entry. The same is applicable to the Faculty of Education.
  3. However, for the faculty of Health Sciences, the university admits qualified applicants to the 300-level for Environmental Health Sciences and Public health while Nursing only admits applicants to the 200-level.
  4. In the faculty of Management Sciences, Cooperative and Rural Development and Marketing only admit to the 200 level, while other courses including Accounting, Public Administration, Business Administration etc. admit applicants to the 300 level.
  5. In the Sciences, Environmental and Resources Management and Mathematics and Computers Science will admit only to the 200-level while Information Technology, Biology, Chemistry etc. will admit to the 300-level.
  6. In the Social Sciences, Broadcasting Journalism, and Film production, International Relations will admit to the 200 level while others including Mass Communication, Tourism Studies, Economics, Political Science etc. will admit to the 300 level.


Your HND or BSC Grade Should Be Higher Enough For 300 Level Admission

As already stated, the primary determinant of your qualification for either 200 or 300-level admission into the National Open University is the tenable grade.

You’ll stand a better and more competitive chance if you have first-class, second-class upper, distinction, or upper credit if you will be chasing NOUN’s 300-level admission.



However, the university is still motherly to accept HND lower credit and BSC second class lower from 300-level admission seekers.

Let’s take a dive into this, position.

For Mass Communication, for example, NOUN accepts as low as “Lower Credit” in HND into the 300-level while applicants with “Pass” are limited to the 200-level.

Public Health accepts BSC “third class” in related courses, “Pass” in Community Health Office Training Certificate and HND “Lower credit” in a few uncompetitive related courses for the 200 level.  You will need though “lower credit”, at least, for the 300-level admission, if you’re from a more competitive course e.g. Biochemistry, Food Technology etc.

With the examples above, it’s safer to say that with a higher or better grade, you should consider applying for 300-level admission instead where your proposed course has the option for the level