Adran and Ruth were the perfect village suitors.

The characters were teens, but the love they had for each other grew immensely daily.

The had good moments together until they're both admitted to the same college in the city.

Few days in the city transformed Ruth's life.

She was swiftly adhering to socialization.

She liked the way love was displayed in the city.

Specifically a male friend giving his girlfriend flower as a gift.

She wanted such from her boyfriend Andran.

One day, Andran met Ruth in woeful countenance.

She was moody and looked depressed.

He moved to her and sat closely locking hands with her.

He asked why she was unfriendly and she requested for a beautiful flower.

Adran was pained because he had no money to meet his girlfriend's need.

He decided to be a hero..

He went to a very far forest taking him a week to return.

He brought back a beautiful reddish flower he plucked, but he was surprised when he brought it out to amaze his girlfriend.

It has withered.

Ruth cried and threw the withered flower away.

Adran begged her and went to get another flower.

Hardly had he walked when he saw a beautiful white flower inside a garden of a granny.

She begged the granny to allow him to pluck her flower.

The granny requested for something in return while he gave out his beautiful wrist watch .

He brought the flower fresh and shining to Ruth with full blissfulness unfortunately, she rejected.

She insisted on reddish flower.

"Other boys are buying red flower for their girlfriends"

She said bitterly.

Adran became heartbroken and restless.

He was trying to be a hero to his girlfriend.

He searched for red flower for two weeks, but he couldn't get any.

He sat down and rested on a fig tree not knowing a bird was watching.

The bird knew the pains in his heart.

The bird knew it was rare to get red flower in the town.

It flew away and plucked a beautiful white flower.

It pierced itself with a thorn and blood was gushing out.

The flower on its mouth was painted with its blood.

It flew and gave the flower to Advan.

Advan was very happy and swiftly took the flower to his girlfriend, but he was disappointed when he saw his girlfriend with a beautiful reddish flower.

"Advan I don't need your flower again.

Someone else bought me a beautiful flower so, good bye ✌️"

She said and walked away playing with the flower.

Adran cried in agony and went back to the fig tree to think. And

he found the bird that gave him the flower dead.