Universities and Schools/Colleges of Nursing in Lagos State

With over four hundred (400) Nursing Training Institutions in Nigeria, accounting for about:


  1. Schools of Nursing (Basic) – 117
  2. Schools of Midwifery (Basic/ Post Basic) – 111
  3. Community Midwifery Programme – 27
  4. Community Nursing Programme – 30
  5. Schools of Post-Basic Nursing Specialties – 72
  6. Universities Offering Nursing Sciences – 43


… there may be the need to narrow down the number to the schools of nursing in your state or a particular state of your interest.

Let’s take Lagos State for example. What are the schools/colleges of Nursing and universities offering Nursing in Lagos State?

In this post, the names, addresses, or locations of all schools, colleges, and universities offering Nursing in Lagos State will be detailed. The list will also include the programmes being offered by each – which may include:


  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  2. Basic Nursing programme
  3. Basic Midwifery programme
  4. Post-Basic Midwifery programme
  5. And similar to other Nursing programmes

List of Schools/Colleges of Nursing and Universities Offering Nursing in Lagos State

  1. University of Lagos, Lagos State
  2. Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State
  3. Lagos State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Igando, Lagos State
  4. School of Post-Basic Anaesthetic Nursing, Badagry, Lagos State
  5. Nigerian Army College of Nursing, Yaba, Lagos State
  6. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos State
  7. National Orthopaedic Hospital, School of Post-Basic Nursing, Igbobi, Lagos State
  8. Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos State