10 Universities That Go On Strike Regularly IN 2022/2023

Top 10 Universities That go on strike regularly In Nigeria

Universities that go on strike

Which universities go on strike regularly in Nigeria in 2022? This post will give a comprehensive list of universities that go on strike in Nigeria and as a result end up being slow… Although some schools like UI or Fuoye were one of the fastest universities at a time


Universities that go on strike regularly In Nigeria 

  • UI
  • OAU 
  • KSU
  • AAUA
  • IMSU
  • EBSU

Shall we begin :
Here are the reasons why these universities have go on strike in recent years


Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso(The Ladokites!) This is the school with the highest record of the longest strike ???? Lautech broke record oo ????
Was is 2017 or 2018… Lautech got involved a strike which many believed to have taken about 8 months… I think its more than that though. This big strike made the school so slow and they lost a large number of students.. Some years back, Lautech was a school of first choice by many students until…. The strike happened
The strike was mainly caused because the school is owned by two states who never seem to get along too well… What a shame



Universities strike

Mehn! I honestly don’t know what to say ????.. If you are regular on this blog… You’ll know I’m a FUOYR Student…
In 2012 till around 2016.. Fuoye was among the fastest Universities in Nigeria until.. 2017!!!
A fight occurred between indigenes of the oye community and Students…
A bike man tried to cheat a student and the student got pissed and talked harshly to the bike man… The bike man hit this student with charm(so they said… I wasn’t in Fuoye then).. The student collapsed and the fight happened.. Blod was shed ???? and Fuoye went on its first strike..
Afterwards Fuoye has gone on regular strike actions…
While fighting for SUG
They also go on a compulsory mod semester break every semester ???? and it takes about two weeks
They also strike few weeks to exam ???? or SUG election ????
And the last huge strike happened in September 10, 2018
See :The truth behind the FUOYE student protest
On that fateful day while students where fighting for electricity… A peaceful protest turned wild and… We lost two students and FUOYE went of 2 months strike.. With time the strike will most likely reduce… (But there are still huge battles to face)


The issue with Funaab is, it is located in a very auspicious area in Abeokuta and so many students have been reporting cases of robbery… Students got pissed and…After a protest against robbery and bullying on the FUNAAB campus which led to a severe injury of some students and two policemen, the management set the school on hold.The students were fined ₦ 5,000 upon returning.
A lot has happened in the recent years but Funaab has remained one of the slowest universities in Nigeria owing to regular srikes of the past.

4 UI

Another school that goes on regular strike in Nigeria is UI, In 2016, the management and staff of the University of Ibadan brought all academic activities in the school to a pause.
After a student staged protest against the little or no power and water the school was providing for them.
Not long after the strike was over, the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) embarked on their own strike.. That strike was another huge one! It has slowed down UI till today.


5. Oau

Haters of Oau use this to attach them ???? Oau has had too many srikes in the past and it has really affected this great citadel of learning got the
OAU is one of the very notorious institutions in Nigeria ???? when it comes to strike actions, and they didn’t disappoint this year as the institution was engulfed in an administrative crisis that halted academic activities for two months.
Trouble started when workers protested the process involved in appointing a new Vice Chancellor and the institution was eventually shut down when the members of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU) and Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) halted activities.
After the Federal government’s intervention in appointing Professor Anthony Elujoba as the Acting Vice Chancellor, calm was restored and students were asked to resume in August.
A lot has happened after… Do you remember winter is coming ???? (Cultist threatened to attack the school using the popular Game of Thrones message of doom”Winter is Coming”
Students ran home like antelopes chased by hungry lions ????

6.Ksu(Kogi State University) 

Just in the wake of 2016, the academic staff of the Kogi State University placed all academic activities on hold due to the long over due payment of salaries. Just Like That.They reached some sort of arrangements and part salaries were disbursed, but the peace was not for long. In November of 2016 the management decided to cause an uproar again for the rest of their salaries…


The university of Lagos Is one Nigerian University that has embarked on several series of protest and strike action.
The major cause of UNILAG strike action is usually ASUU or actions led by the student union.
UNILAG protest in 2016 poor and inadequate basic amenities. The action lead to about two weeks of strike and a signing of an indemnity form.


AAUA earns its place on this list with the unfortunate death of a student of the institution whose life was cut short by a reckless motorcyclist on April 8.
Students got really pissed and started to protest the tragedy as the culprit was not caught and the protest soon spiraled out of control and led to the destruction of university properties worth millions of naira.
Students were only recalled in June to resume academic activities, on the condition of paying a reparation fee ofN15,000each and an affidavit from a court.
However, this was not the end of the school’s flirtation with strike action this year, as the staff of its ASUU chapter embarked on an industrial strike action from July 4 to October 17, 2016, over non-payment of their salaries (as usual) by the state government.
Other grievances of the union included what they said were unnecessary deductions made in arrears, as well as the government’s irresponsibility with developing the dilapidated and abandoned infrastructures in the institution.
Another issue that came up was the issue of school fees… Akungba paid around 25k for school fee before and over night.. The school raised it to almost x 10.. This caused a serious uproar in Aaua… So I can say Aaua is another school with regular strike action in Nigeria and

9 Imsu

Strike University

The strike actions of Imo State University is evidently due to the cutting of the salaries of the state owned university.


Ebonyi state governor David Umahi declared war on the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) chapter of the institution after the union failed to heed the governor’s call to suspend an ongoing strike.
In October, the governor ordered the state Commissioner of Education to not pay any lecturer who refused to work.
ASUU had embarked on the strike in protest against salary deductions and a host of other issues including removing the institution’s Vice Chancellor Prof Francis Idike .
The strike was shortlived as it only lasted for four days after both parties agreed to dialogue.

In conclusion, the level of strike doesn’t tell how good or bad a school is or will be? Strike most times are for good. Well… There may be some schools who strike a lot that I’ve not found out yet…
Another school worthy of mention is Chukwuemeka Odogu Ojukwu University(COOU) formerly known as Anambra State University (Ansu)
If there is another that srikes regularly in Nigeria.. Please let us know using the comment box
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