Top 10 Universities to Study Dentistry in Nigeria in 2022(Updated)

Top 10 Universities offering Dentistry in Nigeria

As an aspirant looking for information about Dentistry in Nigeria, I really hope this post helps you find answers to the questions bothering you.
What is Dentistry?

Dentistry, an extensively delicate discipline also known as dental medicine, oral medicine or dental technology depending on the name the tertiary institution calls it,.

it is the field of Medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the teeth or the oral cavity, commonly in dentition but also the oral mucosa, and of adjacent and related structures and tissues, particularly in the jaw and facial area. It also however involves wide study of forms of dentition, homodont and heterodont, and the number of teeth in specific animals.

I know you have questions like, Is Dentistry good in Nigeria? What is the duration of Dentistry in Nigeria? Or What is the difference between Dentistry and Medicine? (A more comprehensive article on that is coming soon, keep checking for updates)
Is Dentistry good in Nigeria?

Yes, it is. In fact, it is one of the best courses to study, as long as humans are still alive, a living human must eat and of course they tend to have dental issues which the dentist alone can solve.

What is the duration of Dentistry in Nigeria?

Six (6) years and this still depends on the tertiary institution.

What is the difference between Dentistry and Medicine?

Just as I explained earlier, Dentistry is a branch under medicine that deals with the teeth, while Medicine is a wide field with so many courses under it.

Let me give a little illustration, Nigeria is a whole wide country and Lagos is a state inside Nigeria. That’s how dentistry is to Medicine.

Olevel/JAMB Requirements For Dentistry in Nigeria

Most universities offering dentistry in Nigeria require a minimum of 5 Credits in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The Jamb/Utme cutoff for Dentistry is always not below 200.Physics, Chemistry and Biology are very compulsory subjects both in Jamb and Olevel.

Alevel/Jupeb/Ijmb Requirements For Dentistry in Nigeria

A-level schools adequately preparing their students to get direct admission into 200 level of their universities of choice are advised to prepare these students to pass at least three subjects in their exams, which include Biology/Zoology, Physics and Chemistry

Dentistry is no doubt one of the most esteemed courses to study in the country, and the profession is lucrative should you choose to pursue a career in that field.

Top 10 Universities offering Dentistry in Nigeria

Let me guess, you are probably angry with me …. Lol…. Forgive me, below is the list of the top 10 universities offering dentistry in Nigeria. Pls note that this list isn’t in a particular order.

University of Lagos(UNILAG)

Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU)

University of Ibadan(UI)

University of Nigeria(UNN)

Lagos State University(LASU)

University of Benin(UNIBEN)

Bayero University Kano(BUK)University Of Port Harcourt(UNIPORT)University Of Maiduguri(UNIMAID)Niger Delta University(NDU)

University of Lagos(UNILAG)

One of the most prestigious and sort after schools to study dentistry in Nigeria is the University of Lagos, UNILAG, situated at Idi-Araba, in the Surulere area of the State. At the College, there is a Faculty of Dental Sciences which offers dentistry as a course. This faculty is the oldest dental school in the whole of West Africa as it was established in the year 1962.

Because of its rich history and excellence in this field of medical science over the years, it comes as no surprise to see prospective students choose the school over many others in the country. Some of the best dentists in the country are alumni of the school.

Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU)

Obafemi Awolowo University popularly known as Oba Awon University was established in the year 1962 and it is third oldest dental school in Nigeria presently.The school evolves technologically as it seeks to continuously rank among the best in the country and Africa at large and one thing that stands it out is its use of problem solving approach to teach its clinical studies.

The school is driven by the need to address oral health issues among individuals in its immediate environment and the country at large.

University of Ibadan(UI)

The university of Ibadan obviously ranks among the best in the country, not just because it is the first university in Nigeria, but since Nigeria’s independence, the University of Ibadan has been in existence and with the passage of time, it has established some of the best faculties and colleges in the country of which the College of Medicine, which the Faculty of Dentistry falls under, ranks among.

The school has produced some renowned dentists in the country who are among those performing well globally.

Without further arguments I can say UI is one of the best Universities to study DentistryDepartments in the School of Dental Sciences include Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Oral pathology/Oral Medicine, Child Oral Health, Periodontology and Community Dentistry as well as Restorative Dentistry.
University of Nigeria(UNN)

The dental school of the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus is one of the best dental schools in the country. It is housed under the College of Medicine of the school in Enugu and has over the years, been one of the pace setters in the matters that concern oral health and oral hygiene in the country. The University of Nigeria is one of the pioneer universities in the country and since inception, it has maintained its reputation for academic excellence to this day.

Lagos State University(LASU)

This is probably the only state university to make it to our list of top universities offering dentistry in Nigeria.It is operated by the Lagos State Government; this Dental School is part of the College of Medicine of the school and it was founded 1999 although the school was founded in 1983.It is equipped with facilities that can rival some of the best in the country and in West Africa at large. If you reside in Lagos and its surrounding States, and you want to study this course, it would do you a whole world of good if you include Lagos State University in your plans.
University of Benin(UNIBEN)

Do you honestly want to study dentistry in Nigeria ? Are confused, University of Benin is one of the schools you should consider, trust me on this.Founded in 1970 in Benin City, the capital of Edo State, this dental school is one of the first generation schools in Nigeria.The college supports strong research programmes in basic and clinical sciences as well as social and behavioral science, and public health.

Bayero University Kano(BUK)

Going by the information on the school’s website, the faculty of dentistry at the Bayero University, Kano was set up to train high level dental manpower with excellence in diagnosis, management and prevention of oral and peri-oral disease conditions and with acquisition of skills relevant to the planning of oral health needs of the North-western zone of the country in particular and the entire nation at large.
If you reside in the northern part of the country and you are interested in becoming a dental health practitioner, you should look up this university as it is what you need realize your ambitions in this chosen field.

 University Of Port Harcourt(UNIPORT)

The University of Port Harcourt, located in Rivers State, is one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the country, operated by Federal Government.In 2015, the school was ranked sixth in Africa and first in Nigeria by the Times Higher Education. The dental school at this University, going by the standards of the school as a whole, is one of the best in the country. You can’t talk about dentistry in Nigeria without mentioning this school.
University Of Maiduguri(UNIMAID)

The Dental School of the University of Maiduguri, widely regarded as UNIMAID, is under the College of Medical Sciences at the institution. It is one of the best in the country and one of the foremost schools in the northern part of Nigeria.
Niger Delta University(NDU)

This is probably the youngest school on this list and it is one of the best universities offering dentistry in Nigeria.The Niger Delta University admitted its first set of medical/dental students during the 2001/2002 session. This college is known to provide a solid scientific and professional basis for healthcare practice on the platform of the Primary Health Care (PHC). This is achieved by training the students to practice evidence-based medical and allied medical sciences anywhere in the world.