Unn Pg hostel Accommodation 2022¦Unn Hostel Portal, Unn Hostel Fees

 Unn Pg hostel Accommodation 2021¦Unn Hostel Portal, Unn Hostel Fees 


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unn pg hostel accommodation

unn hostel accommodation

As at last year, Unn hostel accommodation was opened on Wednesday, 4th December, 2019 by 12am for all the years.


How to Apply for UNN Hostel Accommodation

Students are advised to take note of the following important information with regards to student accommodation for the 2019/2020 session:

  • The University has limited spaces for student accommodation.
  • The accommodation is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The allocation process is fully automated and can only be accessed from the student portal.
  • First Year and Final year students are given high priority during allocation.
  • First years are allocated 40% of the total accommodation, final years 30% while others and
  • special needs are allocated 30%.
  • All Nursing Mothers must apply for accommodation online and must notify the authorities early.
  • The following are highly prohibited and will attract eviction from the hostel:
  • Squatting of any kind.
  • Late return to the hostel at night.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking of Alcohol.
  • Stealing.
  • Fighting and quarrelling.
  • Use of hotplates, electric boiling ring, refrigerator, gas cooker and so on.
  • Use of generator sets.
  • Defecating and bathing at undesignated places.
  • Pouring of water in undesignated places.
  • Defacing of Hostel walls by posting of bills, posters and any document.

Only students who have specifically met the following will be qualified for Unn hostel accommodation:

  • Paid all fees till date including acceptance fees.
  • Registered all courses online till date.
  • Possess the University ID card or have been successfully captured.
  • Possess and use the University student email address.

All hostel accommodation invoices are valid for only three days after generation. (Any student who fails to pay online within the three day period will forfeit the allocation and fees paid).

All Reverend Sisters are to follow the authorized process for accommodation.

Physically challenged students must also generate invoice online and proceed to make payments.


Names of hostels in unn

Names of female hostels in unn

  • Bello Hall 
  • Eyo Ita Hall 
  •  Balewa Hall 
  • Awolowo Hall 
  • Aja Nwachukwu Hall
  • Maryslessor Hall 
  • Presidential Hostel 
  • Balewa Hostel 
  • Akpabio Hall
  • Opara hall
  • Kwame Nkuruma hostel 
  • Okeke Hall

Names of male hostels in unn

  • Alvan Ikoku Hall
  •  Eni-Njoku Hall

Names of Offcampus Hostels in Unn

  • ODIM

unn female hostel pictures

unn female hostel picture


alvan ikoku hostel unn nsukka

Alvan Ikoku hostel Unn Nsukka is one out of the two male hostels in Unn Nsukka. 

female hostels in unn

Unn nsukka boasts of 13 fully functioning female hostels. 

Unn hostel fees

How Much Is UNN Hostel Accommodation

UNN hostel accommodation is fifteen thousand Naira (₦15,000) for female students. 

Male students pay twelve thousand Naira (₦12,000). You pay a token at the Student Affairs Department during hostel clearance

unn portal for hostel


unn hostel allocation 

Visit UNN Hostel Allocation portal at https://unnportal.unn.edu.ng/HostelLanding.aspx to get a space. 

akintola hostel unn ans Bello hostel unn

Akintola hostel Unn and Bello hostel Unn are arguably the most popular female hostels in Unn. Except probably Kwame Nkrumah hostel cos of ita closeness to the boys hostel

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