After UTME to DE Upgrade, Can I Change Institution/Course?

Change of institutions and courses usually goes along with UTME to DE conversion or upgrade. Hence, most candidates would have completed their upgrading before they saw the need to change their courses or institutions.

The question now, is, will it be possible to change the institutions or courses if you’d already done the upgrading or conversion of UTME to Direct Entry (DE)?

In case, you’re still confused, a little introduction first…

JAMB allows candidates who had done UTME to convert that to Direct Entry (DE) if they’re qualified candidates for DE too. By that, it means, such candidates should also be the holders of BSC, HND, NCE, OND, JUPEB, IJMB, RN, RM, etc.

With any of these qualifications and writing of UTME, you can then proceed to any JAMB office to upgrade the UTME application to the Direct Entry form – thereby canceling the UTME registration and helping you divert attention to Direct Entry admission.

But if you had done the conversion already or you’re about to, but will later want to consider a change of institution or course, what is the possibility?

This post will answer this question and show you more things that will be possible or otherwise.

You Can Do Change Of Institutions/Courses After Conversion

The process of converting or upgrading your UTME to DE is an allowed activity by JAMB. During your visitation to the JAMB office for the upgrading, they will ask for the universities you intend to choose as a DE applicant. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be the same school you chose during the UTME registration.

However, if at this stage you chose one or two universities, as DE applicants are limited to two universities, you can still change these choices, if you deem it fit or if there is a need to do that later.

JAMB allows candidates who were registered Direct Entry applicants, from the onset, to change institutions and/or courses. The same is applicable to you if you upgrade from UTME to DE.

Don’t forget that changing from UTME to DE has actually officially nullified your early entry for UTME. Therefore, you’re now a bonified Direct Entry applicant even though you didn’t do that from the very start.

Upgraded Candidates Can Change Institutions and/or Courses Three Times

Just as the UTME candidates, all Direct entry applicants whether with upgrading or without are allowed to change institutions and/or courses three times at the most.

Meanwhile, for the upgraded candidates, you don’t count the conversion as one of the three times. Conversion is a separate activity on its own. After this, you’re open to your own full three-time chance to change any of the universities and/or courses chosen.

Don’t forget though, that each change will attract different payments on submission. In other words, if you change the two universities and their courses and submit, your payment is due for that. If you later return to change all or one or two of them, you have to make another payment.

Best of luck