When is jamb reprinting starting 2022| How To Check Jamb Reprint

 When is jamb reprinting starting 2022| How To Check Jamb Reprint 

Can I reprint my jamb slip?

Yes you can reprint your jamb slip, I’ll notify you when the jamb reprinting starts. 

jamb reprint

How do I check my jamb reprint slip?

Very easy, just read through this post. 

JAMB reprinting date 2021/2022

After you have successfully registered for the 2021/2022 jamb examination at the various cbt centers located nationwide you will notice one thing.

You will notice that your examination date, time and venue are still missing which is very vital and dear to you,don’t worry. 

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This guide will teach you how to Reprint your 2021/2022 jamb registration slip successfully.

We have all been there before, during our time there was nothing like reprinting of jamb slip, in fact you got to know your centers on the date you filled and submitted your forms online.

But today all that has changed due to the fact that we have few and limited accredited CBT centers and couple with the fact that jamb will always try to allocated candidates based on the capacity of the cbt centers.

If you are still confused on the next step to take in order to know your exams date and time then this guide is for you and you only need to read this tutorial from A-Z to get along.

Jamb registration slip reprinting date 2021/2022

Jamb reprinting slip

Important information about your Jamb exam slips 2021/2022

  • You are expected to bring your exam slip along with your jamb registration slip to the exam venue as this will also be a prove that you are actually sitting for the exam.
  • Please note that you will be subjected to do a compulsory finger print verification exercise as this is used to detect fraud cases, impersonation and double registration .

Jamb slip reprint portal 2021/2022

Jamb slip reprinting 

Jamb reprinting portal is the official portal of jamb it is located at http://www.portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/PrintExaminationSlip

You are expected to log on with your system and reprint your slips.

How can I reprint my jamb slip online

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Information you need before reprinting your Jamb slip 2021/2022

Before reprinting your Jamb slip you need 3 information which are.

  • Your Jamb registration number
  • GSM number you used during registration period.
  • Your email address
  • Once you have this 3 required details then you can now print your slip.
jamb reprinting

I know why I took out time to outline these because some candidates might still forget going to the cbt centers with any of the above.

Note: you can still reprint out your slip your self at any location.

How to reprint jamb slip 2021/2022

  • Get your system connected to the Internet
  • Make sure you use a very good browser
  • Log on to jamb reprinting portal @ jamb Portal here

How to Reprint jamb slip 

There are 2 major ways to reprint Jamb slip 

From Your profile

From your email 

How can I reprint Jamb slip? 

You are expected to enter your password and email address you used during registration.

Locate the area written as reprint jamb slip

Input your Jamb registration number (make sure it’s correct)

Click on reprint that’s all

Congratulations : now you have now known your exam date, time and venue.

How to reprint 2021/2022 jamb slip from your profile

  • Log on to https://jamb.org.ng
  • When the page loads click on E-facility Account/log in
  • Enter your email address and password to login.
  • Now you have to click on login button.
  • When you get to your dashboard just by the top right corner of the page you are going to see Re-print your jamb slip
  • Now type in your correct jamb registration number into the box and click on reprint.
  • Don’t know your registration number? Okay don’t worry just look at the slip you were given when you first registered your JAMB you will see it.

How to Reprint jamb slip 2021/2022 from email

  • If you belong to the category of those who got an email from jamb regarding your exam date and time, it’s important you print it out.
  • Most times this mail ends up in your spam folder. So check very well for it.
  • Once you have seen it then it’s time to print it out.
  • Make sure you have a PDF enabled device on your system
  • Never fail to connect your system on your device as you ready to print out.
  • Locate the pdf using your mouse, click on it and it will automatically ask if you want to print, click on the option “print “
  • Important information about Jamb Slip Reprint 
  • Reprinting of jamb slip is compulsory for all.
  • To know your exam date, venue and time you must reprint your slip.
  • You don’t need to spend up to 1000 naira to reprint, just 200 naira can do that.
  • Make more photocopy of it so you don’t run again to the business center to reprint.
  • You can view your slip on your phone but it’s best you make use of a laptop or computer that is attached to a printer.
  • Please make use of chrome or Firefox, avoid opera mini.
  • Please don’t depend on expo on JAMB. There is nothing like expo

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Print your JAMB slip with GSM Number or email address

How much will it cost you to Reprint your Jamb slip 2021/2022

Reprinting of jamb slip us free of charge, but you only need to pay those reprinting it for you a token which should not exceed just 100.

If you wish to make photocopies of it which i will recommend then you can pay additional 10 naira only depending on the number of copies you want to make.

You might ask what next? You should quickly locate the venue a day before your exams date and make sure you present your self as early as possible irrespective of your exam time

jamb slip retrieval-how to retrieve your slip

All jamb candidates are required to retrieve their jamb slip at the jamb reprinting portal which is located at @


Important Details You will find in your Jamb registration slip

Like we have mentioned before, the jamb slips contain relevant information as regards to your exams date, time and venue.

You will still find other details like:

  • Date, time and venue
  • Your center number
  • Your role or seat number in the hall
  • The town where your exam falls

Should in case you found any error such as in your name, subject combination and any other thing, be rest assured that it can be corrected through the jamb change of form which is normally sold at 2500.

Thanks for reading this post about Jamb Slip Reprint..