Friends in Love Epiosde 9

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 9
*continued from last episode*
‘let me call the person’
Then the phone rang again
‘Hello, please who is this?’
‘You didn’t save my number?’
‘Julliet?’he asked suprised
‘I just wanted to thank you again and I don’t know if there is anytime we can meet, so we can discuss your music career’
Dave was so shocked, he took a deep breath and said
‘Thanks,I’ll give you a date’
‘Bye’ he said and hung up.
Dele started laughing as usual.
‘Guy what is it again?’
‘Nothing na, I just dey feel you’
‘If you waste your chance guy I no go forgive you’
‘Dele no vex, I don’t just like girls’
Dave tried begging his friend.
‘Why is he harsh sef’ Julliet muttered as she became sad after the call.
Ko ko ko
‘who is that?’
‘come in jhoor’
‘Babe aw na’ Jummy said as she jumped on the bed beside her friend.
She stared at her friend for a while, then she knew something was wrong.
‘Babe kiloshele?’
‘asin I don’t get you Jummy’
‘Babe since yesterday night you didn’t come out, something is wrong with you’
‘Nothing jawe’
‘I just wanted to tell you I’m going to church’
‘Church?’ Julliet asked startled
‘When last did you go to church?’
‘Crossover Night!’
Jummy walked out of the room leaving Julliet confused…
‘Jummy? Church?’
The school’s fellowship choir did a very good job today and the congregation could testify to that.
Service was really cool, but Dave’s mind was far away.
It was when the service was over Dele realized his friend’s body was in church but he wasn’t really here.
‘Ma guy, service don close’ Dele said as he went to remove his phone from where he was charging it. He came back only to find Dave still sitting down oblivious to his surroundings.
‘Dave!’ Dele shouted jerking him back to life.
‘Dude I’ve called you like 100 times, what is it?’
‘Never mind’ Dave said as he picked up his bible and started going out.
Now they had to trek as usual, their apartment was a kinda far from the venue of the fellowship.
‘Guy how that your uncle for canada na?’ Dele said trying to cut the silence.
‘Omo the guy no call me again O!’
‘Calm down boss, I just wan talk to him sha maybe he fit process our vi…’
‘Wetin dey work you?’ Dave said cutting him short.
‘Everyday travel, today Dubai, tomorrow Canada’
‘no vex’
‘Are you still watching this show’ Dele asked trying to change topic
‘no! Into the badlands’
‘That fighting show like this, is season 3 out?’
‘Since when,Mk has his gift back, see A….’ Dele stopped realizing his friend was no longer listening
‘What are you looking at’ Dele asked then he noticed a bag at the door front of their house.
‘What is that?’
‘I dunno’ Dave replied scared
. What is that?
Who put it there?
Someone confused?
Watch out for episode 10.