Friends In Love Episode 8

Friends in Love Episode 8

Written by Ace

+234(809418071)*Continued from last episode*’Hello Dave or should I call you D-strings’
‘I’m sorry who is this’
‘This is Uche’
‘Uncle Uche!’
‘How are you Dave?’
‘Fine Uncle, How is Canada?’
‘Canada Cold O!’
‘I just arrived in Nigeria’
‘Say God!’ Dave said and jumped up from the bed.
‘I can’t hear you’
The line broke and they couldn’t continue their call.
‘Ma guy! U get uncle for canada and you no tell me’
‘Dele no vex abeg’
‘your phone is ringing again guy’
‘maybe my uncle is calling again’
He picked up the call immediately
‘Uncle sorry jare naija network isn’t good, aw was ur journey sir?’
‘I’m sorry this is Juillet’
‘Juillet? I’m sorry we have we met’
‘You performed on my birthday some hours ago’
‘Oh! I’m so sorry! How are you’
‘Great thanks, I just want to thank you for coming’
‘Oh c’mon, I should be the one thanking you’
‘Doesn’t matter, you have a wonderful voice ‘
‘Thanks’ Dave said smiling a little
‘Have a good night rest’
‘You too! ,Bye Dave!’
‘Nobody we no fit make am O!’ Dele shouted! Jumping off the bed.
‘Dave, Julliet called you and an uncle from Canada in one night’
‘Wetin dey work u Dele’ Dave said infuriated!
‘Donjazzy sign small boy…..’ Dele started singing and dancing.
Dave went to the bed angry using the pilllows to cover his ears.
******. ****
She couldn’t sleep, she rolled across the bed, but sleep refused to come.
She wanted to look into those eyes again.That guy’s voice is so OMG! He’s so cute!
Was this love?
It was a feeling so strong she couldn’t resist! His smile kept flashing through her mind like the snap shots.
He was definitely different!
Babe what is wrong with you?
I think I’m in love
This isn’t normal! Am I insane?
If I am being hypnotized! I think I’m loving it
She struggled to sleep and few minutes after 4 she finally slept off.
Dele was was washing outside when the phone rang again!
‘Ta no were yi! Saturday morning when pesin suppose sleep,this were is disturbing somebody.’
Dele walked back into the room angrily and as he was about to pick the call the call ended!
‘Thunder fire you!’
‘Dave wake up!”Guy! Leave me na!’
‘Guy! 21 missed calls!’
Dave woke up immediately
‘let me call the person’
Then the phone rang again,
Who is calling?
Watch out for Episode 9

Difficult words
Were – Lunatic
hypnotized – being under a spell.
I am sorry for posting late

Friends in Love