Friends In Love Episode 13

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 13

*continued from last episode*
They were about to run again and one of the men pulled the trigger
‘PO!’ it sounded and the earth shook like a leaf
Who died?
What’s going on?
What do u think?
The room was beautiful! Ofcourse it should be a rich man’s house. Probably the President. The floor was tilled in white so was the colour of the curtains, the roofing sheet and the wall of course. The colours did blend together making the room heaven-like.
Dele opened his eyes to the beauty and the first thing he did was smile!
‘Dave’ Dele said and tapped him.
‘Guy what?’ Dave murmured
‘Guy we don reach heaven!’
Dave eyes widened, he looked around the room and discovered it was different….
‘What the hell?’ Dave screamed jumping of the bed
‘We are meant to be dead’
‘I yarn u say we don reach heaven’ Dele said smiling
‘We’ve been abducted!’ Dave said affirmatively
‘By who?’ Dele asked
‘I think…..’ Dave said before he was paused.The door was opening…..
****** ****
She was angry, she paced around her room… she couldn’t sleep, eat or even think straight.
‘How dare he do that’
‘Broke our appointment!’
‘And now he isn’t even picking up my calls!’
She wandered around the room, after sometime she took her bath and went to school.
By the time she got to school,the news was everywhere, D- strings and his friend have been abducted!!!
A chill ran down her spine…. Who did this!!!!
And the first name that came to her mind was Desmond!
‘The idiot! He threatened me!’
Julliet called her best friend immediately
‘Jummy it’s time for a fight’
A very beautiful lady walked into the room with fruits in a basket. ‘Good morning gentlemen, hope you slept well?’
She dropped the basket and was about going then she said
‘Boss greets you’
‘who is the boss?’ Dave asked angrily
The lady smiled and said ‘I think you know sir’
She walked briskly and locked the door.
‘Omo see angel!’ Dele said smiling
‘Dude you are talking like a baby! ‘ Dave said with anger in his voice
‘So what should I do? Hang my self?’ Dele replied 
‘Just gotta enjoy myself bro, besides she said you know the boss!’ 
Then It clicked
‘Tracy!’ Dave screamed in anger
* Tracy or Desmond?
Who is the kidnapper