Friends in Love Episode 19

Episode 19


*from last episode*

She walked out and He walked close to Dave and dropped the box directly in front Dave.
He opened the box of money and the money there almost made Dave’s eyes pop out
‘I’m giving you all this, if you can leave my daughter alone!!!


Dave froze on seeing this huge amount of money, he smile and said “no amount of money can take me away from your daughter I’m sorry sir’

Dave carefully carried the box and put it beside where Julie’s Dad sat, he went back to his seat and Julie  entered.

She realized something was wrong…

“what’s wrong dad?”

“I’m having a very interesting discussion with your visitor?”

“Hmm” ……

Julie walked close to Dave and asked “Dave please tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine babe”

Julie’s dad walked out on them and he dragged his legs noisily.

“Julie I’m leaving?”

“ Dave what happened?”

“Don’t worry?”

Ko ko ko

“who be dat?”

“na me”

“Dave baba”

Dave and Dele exchanged pleasantries as he entered.

“Dave how was it na?”

“O boi, I don taya o” Dave said as he climbed on the bed

“wetin apen na?”                                                                    

“Her papa gave me money say make I leave hin daughter oo”

“where is the money?” Dele asked

“I rejected it”

“Again?” …….Dele screamed

“Dave you don mad! You rejected Jummy’s mama money you con reject this one again?”

Dele asked angrily

“Guy calm down na” Dave shouted back


She knocked on his door and he warmly welcomed her

“How may I help you?”

“I have a big problem, I need you to kill someone!”



Kill who?

What’s going on/?

Prepare for episode 20

Friends in Love