Friends in Love Episode 21

Friends in love

Written by Ace


 Episode 21


**continued from last episode**

Dave and Dele wrote their last papers but still they haven’t ended the little rift between them.

So Dave decided to take a bold step….


“ Dad !, I can no longer take it …..”

“Take it easy Julie” He said trying to calm her down

“Dad you promised to always fight for me, why are your hands tied now?”

“Do you have her mother’s phone no?”

“Yes Dad”

“We are going for war!”



 “Mum, are you sure he said he was coming?”

“Of course baby, he has finally agreed”

“You know eehm, mum , his smile alone takes me out of this world with his thick biceps which fights its way through his clothes and his chest Oh my God!, I cant wait to t…..”

“Jumoke!,” She screamed bringing her back

“Yes mom”

“You need to snap out of this, all men are wicked beings have always told you that!” Mrs. Jane shouted

“Mom, that some man impregnated you and left you all alone doesn’t mean all men are like that, mom Dave his different”

“You are to young to understand !” Jane shouted

Jummy picked up her phone and dialed Dave’s no, but it wasn’t going through. She smelt something fishy so she went to his house. On getting there she found no one. Her heart sank, her body temperature rose …..She dialed her mom’s no

“Mom, if you’ve done anything to hurt my Dave , you’ll pay for it!” she cursed under a breath.

Then she saw a ghost!

“Hi Jummy “

“Juliet! I thought you were…..” she said with a trembling voice…

“Dead” Juliet said completing the sentence.

“Yes” Jummy said nodding her head

“I’m not sis, but I want ask you a simple question, where is my Dave?”

“He is not your Dave , he is mine!” Jummy squabbled

“Are you sick or  something?” Julie asked in anger

“You are the one who is sick!” Jummy said

Juliet slapped Jummy and they began to fight……..

It was a quiet place so there was no one to stop them..

Juliet threw Jummy to the ground and came on top of her and slowly brought out a knife from her back pocket and wanted to stab Jummy…

“Juliet please!”Jummy screamed pleading with her eyes wide in fear

“I swear I don’t know where he is, he collected some money from my mom last weekend , he said he has accepted me” Jummy said as she sobbed

“What!” Julie exclaimed as she stood up

“What happened?” Jummy enquired

“My Dad gave him some money last week too, he said he wanted to start his career bla bla  bla”

“So where is Dave?” They asked themselves

“Julie I’m sorry for trying to kill you” Jummy said apologetically

“Forget it!” Julie said

They hugged each other for the first time in a really long time….

“We need to call our parents so we can end it “Julie suggested

“Yeah nice point, maybe they should meet” Jummy said with a slight grin

They both made calls and decided to meet at the Domino’s Pizza.

The eatery of course was one of the finest in the ancient city of Ibadan with the blue colours and other kind of colours blending together , then the pizza painting looking so real!

Juliet’s Dad was the first to arrive, Juliet ran and hugged her Dad and officially introduced him to Jummy.

Then Jummy’s mom entered, her round and beautiful look even at her age was really charming , Jummy of course ran over to her mom and dragged her towards where she sat with Julie and her Dad.

Juliet’s Dad turned around and saw a beautiful woman, he stretched forth his hands to greet her….

Jummy’s mom removed her dark google to be sure she was seeing the right person..

“Dotun!” She said with a confused look


Watch out for episode 22 the grand finale

Friends in Love