How To Get 250 And Above In JAMB 2022 Easily|Real Life Story

How to get 250 and above In Jamb 2021 |Real Life Story, Read Now

250 and above in Jamb

Do you really want to know how to get above 250 in Jamb? Getting 250 and above in Jamb is very possible.

Some years back, I was in your shoe, I was so scared of Jamb and it took me 3 Jamb exams to score above 250 in Jamb

How do I get above 300 in jamb

To get above 300 in Jamb, you need to follow some easy steps…

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             How to answer jamb questions correctly

            How to predict jamb questions and answers

Is 250 a good Jamb score

With a Jamb score of 250, You definitely have a high chance of getting admission, in fact you’ll most likely beat the cutoff for any course in any institution.

How do I read my Jamb 2021?

very easy, for an easy guide, read: how to prepare for Jamb 2021

Is Jamb difficult to pass

Yes and No, it all depends on how prepared you are.

My story of how I got above 250 In Jamb  

Before show you guys how to score 250 and above in Jamb, Ill love to tell you guys a little story…

Story Story

Once upon a time ……

Jamb came suddenly, I realized it was time to write Jamb, I was scared the way some of you are right now

My Jamb score was 206 that year, poor right?

Sad thing is some people will be very happy with a Jamb score of 206, don’t ever settle for less if you want to score 250 and above in Jamb.

My 2nd Jamb was a little bit different; I was a little bit more mature compared to the previous year, but the result disappointed me, my jamb score wasn’t above 250 in Jamb, in fact it was far…


My 3RD and last Jamb came again suddenly, I didn’t even plan to write another Jamb, but admission issues….

This time around, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t confident…… I was angry…

Anger is a very useful energy, but the issue is we use it the wrong way, I got angry with Nigeria, with Jamb, with getting low Jamb score…… If you are okay with your condition, you will not move forward.

I hear about people getting high score in Jamb, I got angry about that,

“the friend of my friends’ friend, had above 250 in Jamb”


“My head boy got 300 in Jamb”

When I’m I going to stop hearing stuffs like this, I ta time for me to become the topic of discussion…

I pictured Jamb like one a wrestler who I must defeat, I prepared …

Mind you, I had only 1 month before Jamb…

I entered Jamb exam hall and came out feeling like I’ve not written the real exam yet…

Jamb is over hyped, it’s just some stupid exam, that you can pass easily…

My target was 300, I didn’t make 300 sha…

I had 285

Without attending tutorials

Without having any tutor or teacher

Not up to 2 months reading

After almost 3 years after secondary school

I didn’t get 300 in Jamb, but I had above 250 in Jamb

That year, I got admitted with merit list for the course and institution of my choice…

How to get 250 and above in Jamb 2022

  • Set a mark you want to score for each subject
  • Se t a Jamb score target, its not a must to be above 250
  • Understand yourself, day or night reader? Ima night reader, I don’t joke with it
  • Be angry
  • Sleep well a night before your paper
  • On the day of the exam, before you enter the exam hall, talk less.
  • I won’t tell you to create a time table, it doesn’t work for everybody
  • I repeat myself, Understand yourself, solo or group reader?
  • I prefer reading alone but some people read better in a group.
  • Eat please, hunger won’t let you assimilate, but please don’t eat and read…You are joking
  • Don’t press phone and read, turn your phone to alarm
  • For those who read alone, get a book and jot every important point, read between the lines
  • For group readers, read with people who are smarter than you, no go read with people wey no sabi book, always ask questions, don’t be shy
  • Use correct syllabus and textbooks, the reason why I didn’t get 300 in Jamb was because I didn’t use textbook to prepare for two out of the 4 subjects. The 2 that I Used textbook for, I met the mark I set, I even passed the mark I set for one of them… But the 2 without textbook, I LOST ABOUT 10 MARKS EACH

In conclusion to get 250 and above in Jamb or get above 250 in Jamb, you need to pray, get close to God, He does wonders, but he doesn’t like lazy people, so read!