Secret of passing JAMB ,7 ultimate JAMB tricks revealed in 2022

 Secret of passing jamb,7 Jamb tricks revealed

Secret of passing Jamb

We all want to know the secret of passing Jamb and the tricks required to achieve that. As long as you are a  Nigerian who plans to go to the higher institution. You will have thought about this at one time or the other

is jamb difficult to pass

No! Jamb isn’t difficult to pass and at the same time…Jamb can be extremely difficult to pass…I mean extremely difficult….

You just need to know the tricks and secrets to pass Jamb successfully.

how can I successfully pass jamb?

How to successfully pass jamb? Now this is a million-dollar question and it will take me a while to successfully answer this question.

how can I score 300 in Jamb?

To score 300 in Jamb, you will need a few things…read: how to score 250 and above in Jamb True life story

how do I answer jamb  questions?

read : how to successfully answer Jamb questions

           how to predict Jamb questions

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has maintained its directive that no candidate will be allowed to come into the exam hall with electronic devices. See the full list of prohibited items below:

Electronic devices such as:

mobile phones




spy reading glasses


ear piece

Bluetooth devices



hard disk and other similar storage devices


smart lenses

books or any reading/writing material

ink/pen readers

key holders

ATM cards


smart rings/jewelries

The 7 secret of Passing Jamb in 2021 

1.Jamb repeats questions

On a more serious note, Jamb gets easier every year, Jamb repeats a lot of questions but not all the time. The quality of Jamb questions has dwindled so put away that fear of failing jamb even if you have failed before. This is important because it helps you understand the way Jamb past questions. Practice the English comprehension passages very important.


2. Use Jamb Syllabus, Jamb Brochure and Jamb recommended Textbooks

 Another secret of passing jamb is using the Jamb syllabus/brochure and recommended textbooks.

Jamb Trick

You can easily download this online. You need the syllabus so you don’t read amiss. You need brochure so you can register the required subjects for your desired course.

Its one badass trick of passing Jamb that not so many Jambites take note of

3. Eat well

I know you are probably wondering why, eating well is a secret to passing  Jamb. So many people are fond of fasting while preparing for exams, the side effect of this is, you will ultimately find it difficult to assimilate what you are reading. If you want to pass Jamb well, please eat good food.

4. Sleep well

Another amazing trick to passing is to sleep well, the better sleep you get, the more coordinated you become.,…I didn’t say oversleep ooo. Many students are fond of burning the midnight oil , the night before the exam. As far as concerned this exercise is totally futile, sleep very well before the day of exam, you will be glad you did.

5. Abandon Social Media or Use it your advantage

Social media (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) are time wasters, like a month to your exam go away from social media because it distracts. Instead of having a Facebook or WhatsApp group discussion make the discussion face to face , set out a date time and venue.

Do you know that you can actually use social media to your advantage? Yes you can, study past questions online, practice cbt questions( online and so many other things ,like visiting this site for instance.

Also questions of previous days get leaked, if you are smart enough, you’ll get answers for your day of exam.

6. Make trouble in the exam hall/make friends with the invigilators

Now this is a crazy Jamb trick and cheat code that has worked  for many people but that doesn’t mean its going to work for you.

After you enter the exam hall, ensure  that you ask questions ,in case you don’t understand one or two things. Don’t be shy! I repeat don’t be shy!

When the invigilator asks someone to pray, volunteer to lead the prayer

If your computer goes off or you face any glitch, contact the invigilators immediately

And for no just reason, keep disturbing the invigilators, it might help you to buy time. (Not everyone can do this sha) Be sharp

7. Pray

As far as am concerned, this isn’t just a trick or secret of passing Jamb, its more or less like a necessity which we must all ensure we do, before, during and after exams.

Pray like only prayer will make you pass Jamb, read like only reading will make you pass Jamb

This is the ultimate secret of passing Jamb

In conclusion, please follow all the steps and read up my other articles, thanks for reading the secret of passing Jamb, 7 jamb tricks.