How to Pay For NYSC Call Up, Exemption, Exclusion or Relocation

Generally, all prospective corps members, those exempted and those excluded must make payments to NYSC’s purse to have their letters printed.

I briefly covered how to make payment for these letters or activities in a recent post. You will find that helpful if you have decided to use a bank rather.

If however, you want to avoid lining up at the counter in order to pay in, kindly follow the guide below to pay directly on the NYSC website (online).


  1. You can make payment immediately after creating your NYSC profile during mobilization registration. In other words, immediately after your profile is created (before fingerprints are captured), you will be taken to the page that asks you to make payment first before full registration or continue without payment. There, you can choose to make payment before continue.
  2. These payments affect call-up letters, exemption, and exclusion letters.
  3. You can also complete your registration before making the payment.
  4. For relocation letters, you’ll need to log in to your profile and scroll to “Relocation” and follow the prompts.

Whichever you’re paying for, you need this post.

Steps to Make NYSC payments Online 

  1. Visit NYSC log in page directly or
  2. From the Home Page, Click “Login-“. Enter your email and password to log in
  3. After successful login, click on “Click Here To Make Payment
  4. When the Payment Confirmation page is displayed, click on “Proceed to Payment
  5. You get redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options
  6. NOTE: No matter the option chosen, you will be asked to make payment through MasterCard. You may not be able to use a Verve card, please.
  7. For Cards and Wallet Payments
  8. Click on “Pay now with cards or wallets”
  9. Provide card details, pin, and whatever other information required
  10. On a successful transaction, the redirect URL is loaded with the status of the transaction
  11. This completes the Remita Cards/Wallet payment process