How to check Jamb exam date and centre in 2022 Updated

 When will Jamb send exam date and centre |How to check Jamb exam date 2022


This post will explain how to check jamb exam date and Jamb exam center 

How do I know my JAMB exam Centre and date?

Just like the first question, you can know your jamb exam center location and date only if you know how to check it. 


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How do I check my jamb 2021 date online?

If you will follow my steps, you’ll successfully check your jamb exam date easily online.. You didn’t need to go to a cyber cafe 

Is JAMB examination slip out for 2021?

So far, the Jamb examination slip for 2021 isn’t out yet 

when will jamb send exam date and centre

Jamb will send exam date and center as soon as they are ready to kick start the process… But they have to conduct Jamb mock first 

www jamb org ng exam centre 

How can i change my jamb exam centre 

Over the past few days, we’ve been hearing a rumour, it’s a rumour we hear every year.. 

jamb exam date check

What’s the rumour? 

“Jamb has started sending exam date and time to people via sms” 

Although this looks like a big fat lie, it can be very true. 

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The original plan Jamb had was for all applicants to get their exam dates and time via sms… But.. This is Nigeria 

When should we start reprint our 2021/2022 jamb slip

To be honest with you all, the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb has not given any date for the 2021/2022 jamb slip reprinting but we are sure that a date will be given immediately the jamb registration process is over.

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We shall update this page in due time if we receive any update from jamb just keep checking.

How To Check And Print 2021/2022 JAMB Exam Center, Date And Time

To check your exam date, venue and time the joint admission and Matriculation board, Jamb has given you 3 major options 

Check Sms

No 1 method to check jamb exam centre and date 2021 is by sms. 

When you registered for Jamb, you must have used a particular sim. 

As soon as people start dropping rumours, monitor that sim for a message from Jamb.. 

I’m not so sure, I think their unique code is 55019

jamb exam date

Don’t mistakenly delete the mesage oo

Anyway that method of checking Jamb exam centre date and time sucks 

  Visit JAMB portal regularly 

Don’t joke with it, by now you should have Jamb portal link stored in your brain. 

Visit it regularly for updates, most especially your profile. 

Email Address

 The surest way to check jamb exam centre date and time and print Jamb exam slip is via email address. 

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I mean that’s the main method Jamb uses to send jamb exam reprint slip

 Listen to me, the moment you find out that jamb has started sending out exams date, venue and time please quickly visit and open your mail and check for a message sent to you by jamb

But what happens if your Jamb exam reprint or Jamb exam date, venue and time isn’t on your email.

Visit the nearest Jamb cbt centre, I didn’t say Jamb office oo.

Thanks for reading the post..

In conclusion, hope you now know how to check jamb exam date, centre and time.

I wish you all the best

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